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Nevertheless, a limited number of such manual transmission models, particularly on the GT, may be offered towards the end of the year. This gives more room in the back of the vehicle for rear passengers. GPS navigation is available, as is a nine-speaker premium sound system, or a twelve-speaker Shaker Pro surround-sound system. The Convertible remains the same. The Ford Mustang is offered in several models: The base V6 model offers standard features such as the carryover 3. The model is available in Fastback or Convertible styles. The sporty EcoBoost model offers the same features as the V6 model, but replaces the carryover 3. This model is only available in Fastback style.

The Ford Mustang Was Conceived By…Shhhh…

Ford was able to give a few select guys the perfect date and surprise of their lives with a little help from the new Mustang. Ford decided to have a little fun by creating a new Ford Mustang Speed Dating commercial. Speed dating took on a whole new meaning for a select group of guys in this new commercial.

May 31,  · Break up the brick walls at high speed and destroy the 3D model of the Ford Mustang GT, break the cars completely and try to leave the dummy intact. Drift in the city or drive through the desert, arrange a crash test car and other tests or just enjoy driving/5(45).

The Mustang Cobra Jet is a limited-edition turnkey race car that honors the 50th anniversary of the original that dominated drag strips in The Ford Performance Parts team developed the 50th Anniversary car to be the most powerful and quickest Mustang Cobra Jet from the factory ever — capable of topping mph while turning in a mid-eight-second quarter-mile run. The project epitomizes the close teamwork between traditional and motorsports engineering groups to maximize the design, performance and durability of production Mustangs.

The engine sends power to the ground through a 9-inch solid rear axle, two-way coil-over shocks with adjustable ride height and a low-drag disc brake system from Strange Engineering as well as a four-link rear suspension with antiroll and panhard bars. Additional factory-provided racing performance upgrades include an NHRA-certified safety roll cage, FIA-certified seats and anniversary-badged racing wheels. Production is limited to 68 cars, in honor of Cobra Jet’s debut.

More than vehicles dating back to are expected to attend. Always extraordinarily attractive, the Mustang has been capturing the hearts of drivers for nearly 40 years. Introducing a whole new breed of automobile, the pony car, Ford wasn’t content to stand on the sidelines while others jumped ahead. Rather than improving their lackluster intermediate, they designed a small sports car that would be ‘the next hot item in the street wars’.

Designed originally as a two-seater in the European tradition, the Mustang came with an obligatory back seat and a variety of options that came the buyer an opportunity to customize their purchase. The only class of muscle cars that still exists today, the pony car class originated by Mustang has continued to dominate. There has been a longstanding bit of rivalry between the Ford Motor Company and the Chevy division from GM, since both companies operated on the same market.

Mustang Girl Monday: Erica Bradley and her 2000 GT

It really can be applied to larger audience. MagneRide, the Michelin PS4 tire and the active exhaust, which has three settings, including quiet mode for driving through the neighbourhood late at night or early in the morning. It also has normal and sport mode. You can program the car to always operate in quiet mode between certain hours, too. What you see on future GT s may well show up a few years later on regular Mustangs. MagneRide The MagneRide is especially effective.

Is Ford’s Classic V8 Muscle Car Right for You? The Ford Mustang is arguably the most iconic muscle car to ever grace American dealerships. It comes in a variety of configurations with multiple powerful engine options. However, aside from the range-topping high-performance (and pricey) GT variants, the Mustang GT is the only model with the sought-after V8 engine.

And because of its newness, and the fact that nearly half of you readers wanted to know more about it , we ordered up our long-term Mustang with the speed to see what it’s like on a daily basis. We also, as luck would have it, got a six-speed manual Mustang at the same time, so we decided to take a close look at them back-to-back. Here’s what we found. It also boasts “Drag Mode,” something we’ll talk more about in a future post, which enables the Mustang GT to hit 60 mph in less than 4 seconds.

And of course, there’s the fact that you can rest your left leg in stop-and-go traffic. But what about in normal driving, with normal traffic? Well, the speed is a bit of a mixed bag, both when left to its own devices, and when the driver takes control. In normal, fully automatic mode, it keeps the revs pretty low, clearly to achieve that extra MPG in town.

And with so many closely-spaced gears, it does quite a bit of shifting that’s really smooth when accelerating gently.


Rivals in terms of size include the Audi A5 Cabriolet and Mercedes E-class Convertible, while the engine options are limited to two petrol units: Sure enough, it will just about accommodate four adults, provided those in the back are prepared to squish their heads into the soft roof lining, and those in the front slide their seats forwards to yield some knee room. Isofix mounting points in the two rear seats mean it is also possible to clip in a couple of child seats, although be aware that when travelling with the roof down those in the back get blasted by the wind.

The roof in the Audi A5 Cabriolet, for example, lowers with one-touch operation whilst you are driving.

“Eleanor” returned, as a Mustang GT , in the movie’s remake in The racing video game Ford Mustang: The Legend Lives, released in , features only Mustangs.

The Jackhammer starts with a Mustang GT base and then goes beyond simply supercharging it. After Roush is finished, the Jackhammer is capable of horsepower and lb-ft of torque thanks to the new Roush TVS Supercharger unit that has been added to the 5. The Jackhammer is available in both six-speed manual and ten-speed automatic. To fit in the changes, Roush also meticulously machines the front engine cover. Visually, the Jackhammer is set apart from other Mustangs.

To start with, the Jackhammer has been granted a privilege usually reserved for Stage 3 Mustangs—the hockey stripe distinction. You can also chose to have an optional matte black Top Performance stripe. The standard gloss black wheels are unique to Roush. You can also choose from 11 different exterior colors and add a quad-tip performance exhaust in black. The Jackhammer also features a lower grille and chin spoiler, inserts under the turn signals, added slats to the grille vents, and a scoop under the rear side windows.

On the inside, you have choices of leather seating.

The 2018 Roush Jackhammer Mustang Breaks Through the Competition

The fifth generation began with the model year. Making its debut in , the Saleen utilized a naturally aspirated stock 4. This model also received Racecraft brand suspension upgrades as well as an aerodynamic body kit installed. The S model was commonly based on a Mustang 4.

May 22,  · The newest Mustang GT may not have the low-end grunt that its arch-rival, the Camaro SS 1LE may have, but the Coyote’s immediacy between 4, rpm and 7, rpm makes up for it.

If you love Ford Mustangs this is the place for you. Share news stories, project builds or just your experience with your Mustang here! This community is about a common love for Mustangs, regardless of the number of cylinders they have or the appearance mods their owners have installed. While we truly believe that the Mustang is and will always be the greatest pony car, this is no excuse to ignore Rule 1 and bash someone else’s choice.

This include Camaros, Challengers — any other pony car. Don’t downvote a post or comment simply because you disagree with it or don’t like it. Do downvote something if it detracts from the discussion or provides no value to the community. When uploading a photo, always give context. Tell us where you spotted it. If it is yours, tell us a bit about it current or planned mods, how long you’ve owned it, etc. Photos uploaded without any context will be removed.

If you can’t seem to get the content into the title of your post then simply comment on it after posting.


This GT has covered 67, miles and for some unknown reason was pulled apart and stored in a car port for who knows how long. Appearing rock solid, with its original drive train, this Mustang is definitely an interesting project. Bidding has run wild with 52 bids and 5 days until the auctions end. Take a look at it here on eBay out of Columbia, Virginia. The engine compartment is rust free, dirty, and empty, minus a battery.

car details. contact internet department by calling thank you for viewing our brand new & just arrived, ford mustang gt coupe 6 speed manual l v8 with black accent package in orange fury tri-coat metallic paint with black leather seats and 13 actual miles!

A Police Media spokeswoman confirmed the man had been charged with two minor offences relating to the theft. She said the man was not the main offender who police were still searching for, as he was currently still outstanding. He is now thought to be driving a stolen white ute. Police say the man may be able to answer questions about a number of break and enters, dangerous driving and arson incidents that have spanned from Bowen to Sarina south of Mackay.

Police believe he is now driving a stolen white ute in the Mackay area. Officers urge the public not to approach the man, but to contact police. POLICE could not confirm whether the dramatic arrest of a man near the corner of Edward and Juliet Streets this afternoon was linked to the ongoing hunt for a wanted man across the region.

Just before 2pm police used their vehicles to block access to Edward St from Juliet St and arrested a man understood to have been driving a blue Holden vehicle. A Queensland Police spokeswoman confirmed the man wanted for the theft of a new Ford GT Mustang and a string of other offences is still on the run.

8 Reasons Why The Fox Body Mustang is The Best Muscle Car Ever

So, the Malaise Era: As I recall, it never managed to top 20 MPG in super-stingy highway driving cue the enraged comments from readers whose Granadas habitually knocked off 38 MPG with the air-conditioning on , and nobody in my family wanted to know what its city mileage really was cue the enraged comments from readers whose Granadas beat Honda Insights in city fuel economy.

Thing is, the Ramada was ugly and slow and uncomfortable and leaked in the rain and wandered all over the highway and sucked gas, but it always ran.

Ford GT’s dry weight just tops 3, pounds, which places the supercar between its two primary competitors, the McLaren LT and Ferrari Ford GT’s power-to-weight ratio is pounds/horsepower.

All new interior , rubbers, disc brakes on front with aftermarket brake booster , cobalt blue metallic paint. Brought December Tauranga 62 Ian Langley: My Mustang is a notch back assembled in Dearborn on 6th June She was imported into NZ from Alabama in and owned by a chap in Wellington for 3 years. I have owned her for 8 years and it is is still in very original condition with all the extras working.

Just completed a major overhaul on the engine and transmission and decided to take her for a run to Dunedin. She performed perfectly and I am very pleased with her. What a nice car to drive!!!! Full Stage 3 Roushcharged Speedster. Number 11 of only made worldwide, and the only one in New Zealand. Getting older so going to give auto a try, while Mike, the previous owner and with a stronger left leg , experiences the Shelby sensation.

Keep on bringing those Mustangs out where they should be, On The Road!!

nfs underground tuning ford mustang

My car has had speedometer problems. And it only works half the time. We’ll my abs module went out and I replaced it yesterday. When I took the module out it was a V6 traction module. I put the Gt traction module back in it.

In World of Speed, the Ford Mustang GT is a collectible car of expert level. Powerful engine and classic rear-wheel drive layout provide excellent acceleration and speed on the tracks. Powerful engine and classic rear-wheel drive layout provide excellent acceleration and speed on the : $

Add to Wishlist Install Hello to all lovers of destruction. In this game, the new Ford Mustang GT is introduced. Choose the car you like in the garage and do whatever you want with it. You can choose a crash test and after that you will know what were the chances of surviving the crash test of the dummy, whether the car survived and much more, or you can choose test driving and check the car on the road, off-road or on asphalt. Break up the brick walls at high speed and destroy the 3D model of the Ford Mustang GT, break the cars completely and try to leave the dummy intact.

Drift in the city or drive through the desert, arrange a crash test car and other tests or just enjoy driving. Customize the Ford Mustang GT and other cars, make them more comfortable for you and your race. Change colors, wheels and much more, so that you like the car more. Pass all the tests of the Ford Mustang GT crash test and driving.

The ultimate speed date

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