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Moon in Vedic Astrology Basic Astronomical facts about Moon It is the only natural satellite of earth and only object in space visited by humans. It has a diameter of about 3, kilometers. Its mean distance from the earth is about 3,84, kilometer. That’s why we always see the same face of the Moon. The Moon’s gravity is about one-sixth than that of the Earth’s. The surface of the Moon has many craters formed by meteor crashes. The Moon never seems retrograde as it rotates round the Sun along with Earth.

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Uttarashada Mongoose Above table talks about different Nakshtra and the Yoni associated with them. Let us know the nature of different Yoni to understand this concept: A person born in this yoni, is independent, full of qualities, has expertise in playing musical instruments and is a devotee. Person whose birth Nakshtra is Revati or Bharni has this yoni. A person born in this class, is honoured by the authority, is powerful, a sensualist and an enthusiast. Person whose birth Nakshtra is Kritika or Pushya has this yoni.

Rishi ji is kundli software online, lal kitab, free vedic test of software offers free kundli match making kundli pro software is. Find best free dating sites for gay matchmaking matcha tea Resumes submits and storage of download and integral allowance of love calculator application will help.

We now serve average unique page views a day to visitors and registered members born in countries. Many thanks to our esteemed visitors and registered members. AKS Infotech’s Astrogyan offers comprehensive resources and complete solution to all by offering a wide range of features and options in exploring the Science of Indian Astrology. This exhaustive knowledge portal is designed on the principles and practices of Guruji Shree A. Sharma , spiritual astrologer based in Delhi, India since last 36 years.

We are committed to spread the knowledge of our Guruji to millions of people worldwide. Our vision statement is to deeply research the traditional indian astrology knowledge and spread the same globally. Here, you will get all the answers to your present and future life. Also included are tons of hard to find elsewere information about traditional Indian Astrological Systems and Practices. View our Site Map for a more detailed and complete list.

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The Vedic Yoga is the ancient system of integral Yoga shaped by the Vedic Rishis. These Rishis devoted to a life of the Spirit discoved a certain line of development beyond the range of sensory perception by means of their strength of self-discipline, and achieved a many-sided inner progress/5(12).

Kundali Matching for Marriage Kundali Matching Kundali Matching or Kundli Milan is the Vedic Astrology equivalent of horoscope matching, a common tradition in hindu marriages where the choice of marriage is governed by a healthy Gun Milan score. In hindu societies, especially in India, where arranged marriages are common, kundali matching is the most important factor that is taken into consideration while moving ahead with a marriage proposal.

Matching kundalis of prospective bride and groom will let them know how stars influence their marriage and what remedial measures need to be taken to ensure eternal marital bliss. Ashta Kuta Milan or Gun Milan is a horoscope matching system that is used by most astrologers to check whether a girl and a boy are a good match for marriage. It is observed that in Kundali Matching, the higher the compatibility of the 36 Guns or Gunas, the higher is the probability that the bride and groom will have a happy marriage.

For thousands of years, Hindus have relied upon Vedic Astrology to make life’s most important decisions, including the selection of their life partner. By using Vedic Astrology to predict future events, individuals are able to make informed or wise decisions today, which may help them circumvent disaster tomorrow. The history of Vedic Astrology, also known as Jyotish or Jyoti, which is a controversial and extremely complicated.

While the Vedic culture is estimated to be at least years old, it was only around B. Previously, the Vedas were passed down orally from one generation to the next.

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Meditation Lineages Sagely Insight His Holiness Swami Vidyadhishananda represents his meditation and Sanskrit lineages as a traditional Vedic monk from a combined heritage of rishi sages and nath yogis of Himalaya. He has been ordained to represent the lineages of sages, in continuity since Vedic antiquity, known for combining deep meditative insights with erudite Sanskrit scholarship.

His Holiness is one of the few remaining monks of these lineages who can teach by seamlessly combining without contradiction the tenets from three separate cardinal philosophies: Vedanta, Samkhya and Yoga, as revealed by the rishi sages. In this respect, he is deemed as a highly realized teacher among erudite monks of Sanskrit scholarship.

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I have seen many marriages break even after the horoscope matching for marriage is done. People always wonder as to why the marriages break inspite that the Kundli matching for marriage was done before the wedding. I am going to unveil ten hidden principles of Indian Vedic Astrology, which, if applied, no marriage would break. A commoner or person with little knowledge of astrology can not apply these principles to obtain the accurate results. Astrology can facilitate your search for an ideal spouse.

I want to give a piece of advice for those who are yet to find a suitable match. Vedic Astrology can play a vital, searching role for in doing marriage life prediction by date of birth. A competent Vedic horoscope analyst can easily tell a few things about the prospective future companion, by reading a horoscope for marriage. The direction where your prospective companion will come from. A Word of Caution: Many astrologers take the Asthakoot Milan or Gun Milan as the only criteria for matching of horoscopes for marriage.

The Rishi as the Vedic Model of Leadership

Everyone needs a solution to these problems and worries. Due to this, everybody is now inclined towards Astrology, so as to know their future and make it bright and happy. Janam Kundli is one solution to get information about the future happenings. There are various facilities made available like free online kundlis, kundli softwares, Hindi kundli and much more to help people through Astrology. Free Kundli Everyone is now interested in knowing the future events and happenings that will have effects on their life.

In ancient times pundits and rishi munis used to read and use their knowledge of vedic astrology to predict the future of a person. Today, vedic astrology has been acknowledged in the whole world and people have changed their life based on this subject.

When there are planets placed in the 6th, the 8th and the 12th houses from Ascendant or the first house gives rise to this Yoga. This yoga can be classified into three – Paap Adhi Yoga, Subha Adhi Yoga or Mixed Adhi Yoga, based on if malefic or benefic or mixed planets are placed in 6th, 8th and 12th houses. This is one of the most important Yogas of Vedic Astrology. Sometimes it is referred to as important as a Raja Yoga.

The 6th, 7th and the 8th houses which are highlighted in this Yoga become powerful and their results are enhanced, for good or bad depending on benefic or malefic planets are placed in these houses. The person having this yoga achieves victory over enemies and remains free for any major disease benefic results related to 6th house. He will also enjoy patronage of kings, ministers or people of authority and will get their help. He will have long and happy married life benefic results related to 7th house.

The Celtic – Vedic Connection

Marriage is the most sacred relationship across the world that not just binds two people, but two different communities to each other. Getting separated or divorced from each other is one of the rarest things that anyone would even ever imagine in his dream, especially in the Indian culture. The bond of marriage gets stronger only when both husband and the wife are ready to make few compromises, understand and respect each other, and to share a feeling of lasting affection for each other.

Fights between My Husband and Wife But men and women are individuals with a different state of mind and perceptions, and it is from there that problems occur in the married life of a couple. A marriage seeks problems when either the husband, or the wife, or both are not able to live the relationship to the fullest. As per astrology, the main causes of an unhealthy married life are weak Jupiter and Venus.

Astrogyan. Instant Free Astrology, Indian Astrology, Free Horoscope Predictions. Complete Guide and information library about vedic indian astrology, hindu astrology.

Following are some of the features provided in match making which is completely free. Astro Details This detail covers basic astrological points such as Moon sign, Sun sign, Nakshatra and their lords and complete Avakahada details. TheVarna tells us about their work capacity, personality, conduct and many key aspects related to their match. It shows the status of wealth and the innateness of mutual relations between the groom and the bride.

It reflects the physical attraction and basic sexual compatibility between them. This indicates the harmonisation of temperaments and attitudes of the bride and the groom. It depicts the mutual love, harmony, attraction and affection of the couple towards each other.

Jaimini Sutras

Planetary Analysis What is planetary analysis? Our lives are influenced by the planets. With our planetary analysis we can provide the details about the influence of planets in your horoscope. Can I some remedies if required? Definitely after analyzing the affect of the planets on your horoscope ,we will definitely provide you with the remedies.

Founder & CEO, Vedic Rishi June 13, 4 min Trending horoscope report charts, personalized horoscopes, matchmaking reports, numerology reports and much more. Once the roadmap of achieving.

These Rishis devoted to a life of the Spirit discoved a certain line of development beyond the range of sensory perception by means of their strength of self-discipline, and achieved a many-sided inner progress. Whatever they achieved by their tapasya meditative concentration they then cast The Vedic Yoga is the ancient system of integral Yoga shaped by the Vedic Rishis. Whatever they achieved by their tapasya meditative concentration they then cast into a veiled language that they called Mantra.

It is through these Rishis that the secret words of the Vedas were revealed. The Rishes had the inner vision to see the light of truth rsyah mantradrastarah and the inner audition to hear the voice of the truth satyasrutah. They possessed both great spiritual and occult knowledge, the complete inner wisdom. This vision and ideal of the Rishis and the Vedic system of Yoga needs to be recovered today and given a new form suitable to the modern mind in the present challenging human situation.

It is in this context this book throws much light not just on the ways of the ancient Rishis, but on the whole of the Rishi tradition from ancient to modern periods especially the roles of Ganapati Muni and Sri Aurobindo, both of whom the author has been connected with for several decades.

Kundali | Horoscope | Janma Patrika as per Hindu Vedic Astrology

For Astrologers Collaborating with people made fast and easy for Astrologers just in one click. Get complex and tedious calculations onto websites and apps making Astrologers job easy to connect with more users. Save your time and energy Save your time from complex astrological calculations. Our APIs shall take care of tedious calculation to provide you unique analysis and reports thus helping you to serve more people.

With PDFs you can provide offline support to your users thus guiding them offline also.

Most Effective Lord Shiva Mantra for Everything _ Vedic Rishi; Mantra Ebook Author: Vipin. 6 downloads 91 Views KB Size. Report. Recommend Documents. Lord Shiva. Moola Mantra for Lord Saturn. MANTRA FRO SATURN .

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Marriage Matching – How are horoscopes matched in Vedic Jyotish Kundali matching Vedic match making horoscope – I got attracted to this website because of its name. All its predictions come true and all match services that Vedic used till date have horosccope me in my professional as well as personal life.

Just one thing, the PAID services are a lot lot better than the free ones as they give horoscope attention and details are highly pressurised.

Vedic Rishi Astro API – Generate horoscope charts and other details easier and faster with Vedic Rishi Horoscope Web APIs. Website Keywords astrology api, api, web astrology api, horoscope api, matching api, panchang api, kundli, kundli api, indian astrology api, generate birth charts, vedic api, vedic astrology web api, vedic rishi api, lal.

Ashtakuta – partner compatibility by 8 criteria timezone: But the most classical variation of this system is so-called Ashtakuta – compatibility of man and woman, based on 8 Ashta criteria Kuta , which, probably, is the most popular among vedic astrologers. These Kutas are obligatory when the compatibility of any man and woman partnership is analyzed, because they give an overall compatibility level in relationship in points.

For even more detailed synastric analysis in addition to criteria mentioned above lots of other more specific parameters exist, for example: Analysis of longevity of both partners; Upapada parameters; Aya-vyaya income and expenditure parameter , Veehanga parameter that shows dominance of one partner over other , and other similar rare Kutas; lots of different Yogas, which can give to astrologer maximal precision in his prediction concerning compatibility in any relations.

Here in opened access we give calculation of all 8 basic criteria of Ashtakuta. We will be very grateful if you help developing this project by sharing this page.

Ancient Indian Scientists were all Rishis with High Spiritual Powers (Technology of Spirituality) !!

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