Craziest things that ever washed up on a beach

Craziest things that ever washed up on a beach

Orange Leaf Frozen Yogurt has opened a store in Hollywood. The shop is at Sheridan St. The self-serve yogurt bar allows customers to choose from a wide range of Sawgrass Mills to add 30 shops and restaurants Miriam Valverde About 30 more stores and restaurants are headed to Sawgrass Mills. The Sunrise outlet mall — already home to more than stores — announced Monday that it’s began constructing an additional 80, square feet of space for more luxury outlets and What has caused Interstate 95 over the Lake Worth Canal to have such a noticeable bump? It shakes my coffee in the cup holder. Dave Johnson, Hypoluxo A: Earlier this year, the state put down a sticky overlay to prevent skidding on a crash-prone The store is expected to open later this year at W.

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I was told to call store where I purchased, I did they said I had to go to store. Again I did they updated imei. Jul 23 Called for status imei no. Jul 24 Called status again they told me a refurb phone will be shipped Jul 25 received refurb phone it is also defective will not recognize Bell sim card Jul 26 Claim Called Geek Squad again cut-off twice.

I mentioned they sent me another defective phone. Asked to speak to supervisor not available, to call back so they say.

Hook up with her, but make sure you do it doggystyle. Hmmm where to begin, my name’s Jennifer, (, Pompano Beach, FL) Those who know me say that I am interesting intelligent realistic driven yet lazy (you CAN be both) empathetic a good conversationalist a social butterfly and at times a .

Happycamper 78 Reviewed January 9, If i was asked if i had a last request before the firing squad it would be the Lobster Bisque at The Riverside Grille! I think this is going to be more of a story than a review! We were there this time last year. My wife and I had the Lobster Bisque, never in a million years could i discribe how good it tasted, it would be like trying to discribe a rainbow to a blind person.

They said that last year! I moved on to my entree of Mahi Mahi Milanese, which was a very generous portion of Mahi Mahi lightly breaded, Italian seasoning and sauteed,topped with fresh Arugala,Tomatoes and Basil with a slash of lemon Very light and left you craving for more. My wife had the Salmon Oscar, a pan seared Salmon topped with real crab meat, Asparagus and Holandaise sauce, again very light and full of flavor.

My one son had the Lamb curry? The steak was cooked perfectly and the Lobster meat was tender and not over boiled. The last time we were here was just as the new owners had taken over and as we were regulars of the old owners Joe and Erica’s we decided to give them a try. That first visit was the best thing we have ever done in Pompano Beach,I remembered i had the Double cut bone in pork chop.

We came 5 time last year in 2 weeks This Visit was by far one of the best Places my family and myself have ever been to. We noticed that from the last time we were here that the Dinning Room had been given a make over with white table clothes and some new paint. The bar area which was, as i remembered it was very out dated and small, this to had been given a nice coat of paint new decor and a Marble top Bar and the bar being made twice the size it was last year.

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A beautiful snook caught near Captiva Pass. By the time we grabbed rods and a box of plugs and got over there, the guide was making his first drift. One of his anglers already had a rod bent just about double as he tangled with a fat linesider, and we saw fishermen in other boats hooked up, too. On about the 10th cast, my drag went off like a fire alarm. The snook was over a yard long and full of roe, and fighting her in the heavy current was like battling a salmon in a fast-moving river.

I ran down the beach, trying to keep line on the spool as the fish roared around the corner with the full force of the flow behind her. The fish stuck her head out, sloshed and showed off her yellow fins, then headed seaward again. More beach-jogging, reel-screaming, toe-stubbing excitement.


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In October , a Lego man washed up on a Florida beach. But this one was a fiberglass giant, weighing pounds and standing 8 feet tall, and was promptly taken into custody by .

Sidebar Blue Buffalo admits to bullshitting consumers, lawsuit with Purina heats up Blue Buffalo admitted the truth in court yesterday: Blue Buffalo asked the Court for additional time to file an Amended Complaint in the litigation, naming its ingredient suppliers as Defendants. In its original suit, Purina alleged independent tests showed that Blue Buffalo uses chicken by-products, egg shells, rice hulls and artificial preservatives in its products — despite claims to the contrary.

Blue Buffalo has continued to make claims in its advertising that none of its pet foods contains animal by-products thereby implying that Blue pet foods are healthier for pets than competitive foods that contain by-products. What is chicken or poultry by-product meal? Animal by-products generally are thought to include organs — lung, spleen, kidney, brain, liver — blood, bone, fatty tissue, stomach and intestines.

Which, under certain circumstances, could be perfectly fine ingredients, as long as they were not rendered.

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The UT police have almost doubled in size and are patrolling constantly. What to do for fun Underneath The Union is a bowling alley and pool hall. It is incredibly cheap and fun if you want to have some wholesome fun. Down passed the river, is Peter Pan golf, which is another activity for people not looking to get crazy.

Of course there is 6th street, and wonderful food downtown. There are also tons of free music events going on.

None of the fish had hook marks and they had missing scales indicating they had been caught in the cast net. The officers found the wet cast net in a bucket with one hybrid bass in the net. One of the subjects admitted to catching all the fish with the cast net.

I knew quite a few people when I got there from my last duty station. I have several stores but I’ll just list the things I remember during my time there. Working at ‘R’ site in the big golfball dome that was around the Satcom antenna. Living in Splinterville in an open air Sea Hut for about a month or so when I first got there. Seeing a Sea Hut that a drunken CB knocked down with a piece of contruction equipment.

Partying in the jungle. Being told not to pass out in the jungle because the coconut craps could break your head open. Crabs crawling on the outside of the building at ‘R’ site. We would spray them with Tricholoralethylene which made them dance and then all there legs would fall off. Cats and chickens running all over the place. Getting shocked from a volt power supply. Trips to the Philippines Bars: The antenna field at night time. Attack on the Island.

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Jun 11 This review stands for both companies. Words cannot express how utterly horrible my experience was with this company. I will repost this in as many places as possible, for as long as possible. I needed a company that would pack me up and deliver my stuff to a storage facility. I asked online for some suggestions as to an affordable moving company.

A Florida man is wanted after attempting to kidnap a year-old girl in broad daylight. The unidentified girl was walking in Pompano Beach, Florida, when a man in car drove up along side her.

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Stephens This Week 10 more remarkable plays to be thankful for heading into Thanksgiving week. Xavier-Trinity, McKinley- Washington among best gridiron clashes. Top 10 Plays of the Week by M. Stephens Mon, Nov 12 A crazy behind-the-back pass, a pair of game-winning Hail Marys and a fake-out for the ages highlight top plays of week

Turkey claims a SECOND audio recording of Jamal Khashoggi’s murder proves his death was pre-planned and reveals ‘hit squad’ discussed the best way to kill him at Saudi embassy in Pompano .

These terms represent reprehensible behavior in our society. What has not changed in the past several years is the continued rape and sexual exploitation of prisoners by prison and jail employees who are supposed to ensure their safety. All 50 states have enacted laws criminalizing sex between prisoners and prison staff; thus, employees who engage in sexual misconduct can no longer claim consent as a defense. Past issues of PLN have pushed this significant problem to the forefront.

We would like to report that exposure of this issue has eased the problem. We would like to say our continued coverage on this subject has deterred sexual abuse by prison staff. Prison and jail employees are more out of control than ever. A common thread of rape, debauchery and even sexual torture is present in detention facilities nationwide. This time we bring you recent reports from 39 states, which constitute only a fraction of the tragic truth about rape and sexual abuse by prison and jail workers.

Indeed, it would easily be possible to publish a monthly magazine consisting of nothing but substantiated reports of the sexual assault of prisoners by their captors.

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Hook a Flea for Florida Pompano. Editorial Staff April 22, , PM September 23, Hook one up on light spinning tackle and hold on. If you are lucky and skillful enough to catch one, then you will also find they provide some of the finest table fare among all the fish in the sea.

This was my third trip down there, and the third time’s the charm! Met up at Stan’s place at 2am to load up the trailer with an Adventure Island, a Pro Angler 12, an Outback, two Revo 13s, enough tackle to stock a store, and a used car’s worth of Mirage Drives. A few hours later, we arrive at the pier to unload all our gear, and what felt like an hour after that, we were finally on the water! Now I knew that conditions would be nice thanks to the magicseaweed and fishweather apps, but I had no idea HOW nice it would be!

The first two times I was down there, the drift pulled me north pretty hard, so we decided to start paddling pedaling south so that we can drift over the wrecks Figures that the drift this morning would be a south drift and we ended up way off target. First few drops, Justin pulls up a couple of almacos and bonito, I hook into an almaco and a couple of other fish lost on the way up, and Nick gets into a few jacks as well. By this time, the current changed and we were on a north drift and I drop into the next wreck.

After a few yanks up, my Trevala rod immediately doubles over! The drag on my Saragosa starts going so I crank that sucker down a bit. I make a little bit of ground as my arms are burning from the jigging prior to this, and now fighting this leviathon. After about 10 or so minutes of not making hardly any ground, another guy working the same wreck and watching tells me it may not be an AJ During the tournament he had an almost hour long fight over the same wreck only to realize that he hooked INTO the wreck itself.

Sure enough, I hooked into the wreck!

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